Mai 7, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia
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Another great Article from Dance Spirit Magazine, „Oh Haaay, Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson“. We also love Larsen and Taylors dancing to Big Sean’s “IDFWU”. Watch it here if you haven’t watch it yet.

You may see Larsen’s Appearance on THE VOICE 2015. Larsen and friends danced to the amazing sining from The Voice singer Sawyer Fredericks to the Song „Take Me to the River“. Go see it by yourself.

Apr 28, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia

Taylor Hatala and Larsen teach their first class at The Lab Dance Studio in Chicago for Urbanite. Follow Taylor and Larsen on Instagram for more.

Apr 26, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia

Everybody go watch the New Music Video from Jordyn Jones. Larsen had the chance to be a Part of it as some other great Dancers. Go watch it now!

Apr 25, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia

The Music Video is up! Larsen is in the newest Music Video from Aubrey Miller. Aubrey covered the Hit Song from Megan Nicole „Electrified„. Go watch Larsen dance with some of her other Friends like Taylor Hatala, Lexee Smith and Shannon Kelly. Enjoy it!

Apr 18, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia
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Check out some Behind the Scenes Pictures from Larsen shooting with Kaylyn Slevin and Genneya Walton for MODiste. Available on Nordstrom very soon. We will let you know about more News and Updates.

Also check out Larsen in Skylar Steckers New Music video „Hey“

Apr 3, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia

Go check out Larsen, in Chloe Lukasiak’s New Dance Project. Give it a thumbs up if you like it. We also add some Caps to the Gallery, you check out down below.


Feb 28, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia

I finally added the Pictures by MAX&BEAN. They posting new pictures by time so go check their Facebook Page for more Updates, Infos and new pictures. And keep an eye out for some more Pictures for Mischka Aoki by Alex Kruk Photography.


Watch the New Dance Video, Larsen as Main Role in the New Video „The Weekend by Eden xo

Feb 8, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia
Allgemein   /   Video

Watch the New Video from Larsen and her talented Friend Taylor Hatala, a Choreography by Janelle Ginestra. There is also an Article from Ryan Seacrest, you can find here.

Dez 25, 2014   /   Posted by Antonia
Allgemein   /   Video

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you guys had a great Christmas Eve and alot of fun with your Family and Friends. We want to say thank you for everything you guys done for Larsen, all those great Edits and stuff. Thank you guys!

So if you don’t get bored til New Years eve go watch Larsen’s and Taylor Hatala duet on the Pulse on Tour Veegas. The amazing choreography by Alexander Chung.

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