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Check out this new Spooktacular video from the „Suga N Spice Crew“ dancing to Dawin and Silentos new Hit „Dessert„.

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So! Last Night Larsen and some other Dancers where a Part of „Rhythmn Nation„, Janet Jackson’s Conzert. Click here to see the Post from Larsen’s Instagram and don’t forget to watch this:

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Check out the Images from Patrick Fraser Photography for David Yurmans „Sweet Confections“ David Yurman’s signature pinky rings just got a whole lot sweeter with the brand’s limited edition signet rings made of scented resin in vibrant colors; with coordinating flavors like bubblegum, grape, peppermint, licorice, and cotton candy. Head over to DavidYurman.com now to get your own guilt-free sugar rush.

We also added the new Images from Lilly K. Photography to our Gallery. We also wanted to share some Links from Larsen and her Friends dancing in the Monster High Dance Music Video. If you missed it „click here“ to see it. We love it. Thanks to Cambio.com, DanceSpirit.com and Seventeen.com for these Article about it.


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Everybody!! We all have waited for.. The Fraternal Twins are back. Taylor and Larsen are rocking the brand new Choreographer by Janelle Ginestra to the Soundtrack by Turn Me Up Some ft. Redman & Jay Psar.


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Check out Larsen in the new Monster High Music Video of „City Ghouls„. The amazing Choreography is by Janelle Ginestra and Directed by Directed. You may know from faces from the Video like Taylor Hatala Reese Hatala and Lexee Smith. Watch the Video down below.



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Check out Larsen’s newest Youtube Video! Larsen’s sharing her new Clothes from „Dolls Kill„. Subscribe her so you never miss her new Videos!

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Hey people, like you have seen we got a Brand new Layout from the amazing Yukiko. Thank you, we love it!

Watch Larsen in the Official Music Video „The Weekend“ from Eden xo. We also added some Screencaps to our Gallery. You can check them on clicking here or click at the Images down below.

Also Larsen’s Friend Taylor Hatala and Larsen herself danced to this New Routine by Janelle Ginestra. It got featured on fierce.aplus, hngn, self magazine, Teen Vogue and Entertainment Tonight and many more! Check it out now!!


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Everybody go check out the New Video from the Suga N Spice Crew. The Suga N Spice crew are back with that brand of fierce hip-hop dancing we all love. These girls are definitely ready for summer! Go like their Facebook Page to get all latest news and updates.

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Gallery Update   /   Update   /   Video

Go watch the New Music Video from the new Artist Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). Larsen and Lexee are dancing on this Official Music Video, click here to see it. Also Larsen attended the POPULAR TV celebration in Beverly Hills. Just look down below for new Videos, Photos and more!

And Larsen and Lexee Smith are going to be on the Poster Child Magazine again. It’s coming out soon!

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We have to say thank you for everyone who watch the Video from Larsen and Taylor Hatala, dancing to Big Sean’s „IDFWU„. Thanks for every Magazine, Blog or Website for sharing this Video!

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