Okt 13, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia
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Check out Taylor Hatala and Larsen for „XOXO The Mag„. We uploaded some of the Images on our Gallery. Go on xoxothemag.net for more Infos. Also Larsen and Lexee got to work together for this Luxury Eyewear Lifestyle Brand Designed in Malibu called „Sickys World„. Be excited for more Images coming your way.


Sep 17, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia
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Check out seven new High Quality Images from Larsen for this Month’s Issue of LVLten Magazine, click here to see all the Images.

Jan 3, 2015   /   Posted by Antonia

Happy New Year everyone! We like to start the year with some new Pictures from the Nationalist Magazine. Larsen is in the Fashion Section of the January Issue. You can find Larsen in the Magazine HERE.


Sep 26, 2014   /   Posted by Antonia

Exciting news, Larsen and her Friend Kaylyn recently did a shoot for Magnificent Magazine by Steven Wetherbee Photography. Interviews, Pictures and more all about Larsen. You can get your Magnificent Magazine Copie at MAGCLOUD now!

Thanks for Magnificent Magazine Owner, Rachelle for sending „Everything Larsen“ those exclusive Magazine Pictures. Don’t forget to check their Facebook and Instagram Page!

Sep 18, 2014   /   Posted by Antonia
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Larsen is in the Fashion section this month for „Nationalist Magazine„. Working with Fashion Editor, Jazmin Whitley. If you are interested in reading Nationalist Magazine just click here. You can find Larsen on Page, 21. She will be featured in the next moth magazine so stay tuned for that.